A memorable dining experience

La Liberté

An iconic site from the fur trading era, Fort Gibraltar is now open for special, private events, in collaboration with the Gibraltar Dining Corporation, the Fort’s exclusive caterers.

“Our main goal at Fort Gibraltar is to use local ingredients to prepare traditional French fare from the fur trade era of circa 1815,” says Shawn Brandson, co-owner of the Gibraltar Dining Corporation with his wife, Connie McKane-Brandson.

Gibraltar Dining Corporation employees are bilingual and passionate about the Fort’s history. It is therefore not unusual to see them decked out in period costumes at events, bringing Fort Gibraltar’s history alive for guests.

It is that passion for history that sets Gibraltar Dining Corporation apart from other catering services, providing guests with a memorable dining experience, year-round.

With 30 years of experience in special event production, Shawn Brandson and Connie McKane-Brandson offer a variety of packages at Fort Gibraltar: “From food service to historic entertainment, we take care of all our customers’ needs.”

“Our goal is to ensure that organizers and all of their guests simply arrive and enjoy a unique and professional cultural and culinary experience,” says Shawn Brandson.

Some of the more memorable events hosted by the Fort Gibraltar Corporation include the Poutine Cup, a friendly culinary competition that brought together 10 restaurants in September to celebrate poutine, and the Winnipeg Beer Festival, where visitors could enjoy locally brewed beer inside the Fort’s walls.

What’s more, in 2013, Wedding Bells Magazine named Gibraltar Dining Corporation one of Canada’s top ten most beautiful wedding venues. It also placed first in the Small Business of the Year category at the 2014 Tourism Winnipeg Awards of Distinction event, and its Poutine Cup was recognized as the Event of the Year by Manitoba Tourism in 2018.