BLOG PASSION & HISTOIRE – Une conversation avec Dr. Phil

Kenza Zaoui - Translated by Thea Wortley

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Bonjour Manitoba

BLOG PASSION & HISTOIRE – Une visite au Musée de Saint-Boniface

Kenza Zaoui

Ah! The Saint-Boniface Museum! This magnificent ode to Manitoba’s history holds thousands of treasures from back in the days. What could be better than following along with Kenza to explore this building and its history to give you a little taste!

BLOG PASSION & HISTOIRE – Le Géocaching à Saint-Boniface

Kenza Zaoui

Looking for a fun and inexpensive activity to do with friends or family? I have the solution for you: geocaching!

BLOG PASSION & HISTOIRE – Un été pas comme les autres

Kenza Zaoui

Our lives have been turned upside down during these last few months and we are now in the 3rd phase of re-opening in Manitoba. Follow the charming Kenza through her explorations of the re-opening of Saint-Boniface and its surroundings.

BLOG PASSION & HISTOIRE – Une journée au Festival du Voyageur

Kenza Zaoui

View a day in the life of a Festival du Voyageur goer through Kenza’s eyes.

Nouveaux ateliers au Festival du Voyageur

Bonjour Manitoba

This year, the 2020 edition of Festival du Voyageur will be offering an even greater variety of workshops with the revival of the Voyageur Apprenticeship (Apprentis voyageurs) workshops of previous years.

Une nouvelle bloggeuse pour la marque Passion & Histoire

Michelle Gervais

In continuity with the Passion & Histoire Saint-Boniface branding project we are launching for the year 2020 our Passion & Histoire Blog that will be written by the famous French blogger Kenza Zaoui from Cups of English Tea.

Une expérience mémorable pour les clients

La Liberté

An iconic site from the fur trading era, Fort Gibraltar is now open for special, private events, in collaboration with the Gibraltar Dining Corporation, the Fort’s exclusive caterers.

Entre détente et apprentissage

La Liberté

At Fort Gibraltar, fun and historical discover go hand in hand, year-round.

Maison Gabrielle Roy, rue Deschambault


The home of Gabrielle Roy is a very important and recurring symbol in the Franco-Canadian author’s work. She lived there from her birth in 1909 to her departure for Europe in 1937. This house has been mentioned in many of her works, particularly in « Street of Riches » a series of stories inspired by the author’s childhood in St. Boniface. Completely restored like in 1918, the house is today a must-see public museum.

La Cabane Guesthouse remporte la Fosse 2018


The jury had a tough choice to make on April 26 at the Fosse aux Lions competition. After deliberating for more than a half hour, the four judges finally selected Dominique Noël’s La Cabane Guest House as the big winner of the 7th edition of La Fosse aux Lions. She takes home $15,000 in prize money, free publicity, and a mentorship opportunity.