At the Heart of Manitoba’s Francophone Community

The production of the documentary was commissioned as part of a greater tourism initiative seeking to develop new tourism products and services, increase visitation and extend the length of stays for visitors to Manitoba.  Manitoba’s French heritage is deep-rooted and has greatly influenced the development of our province and our country.  From the French explorer Pierre Gaultier de Varennes, Sieur de La Vérendrye’s first visit to the Red River in 1738, to the vibrant, exciting Francophone communities peppered across our province today, this narrative is still being written in a most colorful way.  The film explores the trials, tribulations, determination, achievements, and the joie de vivre of a community once expected to fade into the history books but has nonetheless persevered and is thriving today.

The film, produced in French and English, is offered for viewing by visitors and is designed to enlighten them on the rich history, the many attractions, the diversity and vitality of Manitoba’s Francophone community, and invite them to discover all that this community has to offer.  The 40-minute film is shown daily at Tourisme Riel’s visitor information centre located at 219 Provencher Boulevard.

(204) 233-8343

219 Provencher Blvd.

Off-season: Monday to Friday
Summer: 7 days a week
Showings: 9:00, 12:00 pm in French and 3:00 pm in English.