Maison Gabrielle-Roy House

The house was built in 1905 and served as the setting for several of her short stories and novels, including Rue Deschambault (Street of Riches), her novel based on her childhood growing up in St. Boniface. Completely restored to its original state, this designated historic building was Gabrielle Roy’s sole Manitoba residence from her birth in 1909 to her departure for Europe in 1937. The dormer window on the top floor marks a place of retreat for Gabrielle where she could read and daydream in private. The home is now a museum open to the public.

The gift shop ‘Au bonheur d’occasion’ carries a variety of items, among which are new and used books written by Gabrielle Roy, books about Gabrielle Roy and her works, as well as other souvenirs.

(204) 231-3853
(204) 231-3910

Hours of operation :

Saturdays : 10am-4pm

Open for school and tourist groups by reservation

French spoken at all times