Located approximately forty kilometers southeast of Winnipeg on the Transcanada Highway, the town of Richer emerged from two dynamic nations: the French and the Metis. The first settlers were attracted to the area, initially called Côteau-de-Chênes, by the abundance of lumber. The construction of the Dawson Trail, beginning in 1869, attracted even more settlers who came to live alongside the Métis who had been in the area since the 1840s. 

In 1901, the town was renamed Thibautville, in honour of the first missionary to work in the area, Fr. Jean-Baptiste Thibault. With the population growth, in 1905, a post office was established and the town’s name was changed to Richer, in honour of a political benefactor, Isaïe Richer. At the beginning of the 1960s the exodus of the populations toward Winnipeg caused a rapid decline in the town’s population. Moreover, in 1995, town’s Enfant-Jésus Church, on the Historic Dawson Trail, saw its doors closed. 

In October 2008, through efforts of community members, the weathered building obtained the status of municipal heritage site. The town of Richer today offers many amenities to its residents and the many tourists who frequent the area’s many campgrounds and who pass through on their way to the Whiteshell Provincial Park.


Dawson Trail Museum

Preserving a piece of the past along the Historic Dawson Trail.

La Broquerie's Historical Trail

Discover La Broquerie’s historical trail with its series of interpretive and virtual content signs strategically located in historical areas of the community.

Sandilands Provincial Forest

Outdoor enthusiasts will love this largely unpopulated ares of the province. 

Marchand Logging Days

Festival and activities revolving around the many uses of wood. 

Lilac Resort Campground & Waterslide Park

Camping less than an hour from Winnipeg, a perfect getaway when time is short.

Harness Adventures Mushing Co.

Snow, a sleigh, dogs and an unforgettable experience.


Wild Oaks Campground

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BnB / Hotels




Rural Manitoba's Take on a Tasty Treat

Poutine Trail

Manitoba's bilingual communities serve poutines that are as tasty as they are original. Try them out along the Poutine Trail and discover the French flavour of the region!

Borealis Beading or the art of combining passion and transmission

Bonjour Manitoba

Mélanie Gamache is passionate about beading, a skill that has its origins in Métis culture. With her company in Sainte-Geneviève, Borealis Beading, the craftswoman offers workshops related to her passion.

A historical and cultural journey waiting to be discovered

Bonjour Manitoba

The Dawson Trail is a vestige of the past that runs through several Francophone communities in southeastern Manitoba.