Ste. Genevieve

The very first families to establish themselves in this area were French, beginning in 1900. At first, the village bore the name Saltel, in honour of Norbert Saltel’s family. 

Later, the parish adopted the name of St. Geneviève, patron saint of Paris, to recognize the first settlers, most of them French. The breeding of livestock and milk production became the community's main livelihood for many years. 

The charming little church and the museum of the former presbytery form the main tourist attractions in St. Geneviève. Given its proximity to the City of Winnipeg, the town has in late years become somewhat of a "bedroom" community of the former.


Dawson Trail Museum

Preserving a piece of the past along the Historic Dawson Trail.

Sandilands Provincial Forest

Outdoor enthusiasts will love this largely unpopulated ares of the province. 

Marchand Logging Days

Festival and activities revolving around the many uses of wood. 

Lilac Resort Campground & Waterslide Park

Camping less than an hour from Winnipeg, a perfect getaway when time is short.


BnB / Hotels



Borealis Beading or the art of combining passion and transmission

Bonjour Manitoba

Mélanie Gamache is passionate about beading, a skill that has its origins in Métis culture. With her company in Sainte-Geneviève, Borealis Beading, the craftswoman offers workshops related to her passion.

A historical and cultural journey waiting to be discovered

Bonjour Manitoba

The Dawson Trail is a vestige of the past that runs through several Francophone communities in southeastern Manitoba.