Our Story

The unique and vibrant culture of Manitoba’s francophone communities is alive and well. Whether in the city or off the beaten track, there are so many ways to experience this rich culture for yourself!

Follow the cultural evolution of Manitoba’s francophone communities from the past to the present.  Discover the places where Francophones first set foot more than two centuries ago. Retrace the steps of the Voyageurs heading west in search of furs. Hike the trails they forged and experience first-hand the Joie de vivre of French-speaking Manitoba!

Learn more about Manitoba’s fascinating francophone heritage when you visit local museums, monuments and historical sites, many of which offer guided tours. For culture buffs, there are art galleries and French language theater. Come and see what makes our culture so unique!

CCFM - Centre culturel franco-manitobain

A focal point for French cultural life in Winnipeg, the CCFM is home to many events and celebrations year round.