Métis Jig & Jam Variety

21 juin 2020

Concert Virtuel

A variety show celebrating Metis music, culture and heritage. Join the Manitoba Metis Federation as they showcase the rich contribution to Manitoba's 150th Birthday honouring Louis Riel and the provisional government. 

Virtual Event at:

mmf.mb.ca & metisnation.ca


Featured performers include:
∞ Ray St. Germain
∞ Brandi Vezina
∞ Clint & Riley Dutiaume 
∞ Patti Kusturok
∞ Melissa St. Goddard
∞ Gary Lepine
∞ Johnny Deitrich
∞ Eldon Campbell
∞ Michael Audette
∞ ...and many more!

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midi à 20 h