PASSION & HISTOIRE BLOG – 4 Ways to Celebrate your Mom this Mother’s Day

Kenza Zaoui - Translated by Thea Wortley

A Mother’s Day under health restrictions isn’t necessarily much fun, but a little care and indulgence can turn the day around! My mom is on the other side of the Atlantic, but here’s what I would plan for us if we were both in Winnipeg together: 


1 – A Stroll and a Crêpe

The weather forecast is calling for a sunny Sunday, so why not walk around Saint-Boniface with a crêpe in hand? The two French owners of Ker Breizh are set up at their kiosk on the Esplanade Riel for the third consecutive year. Following traditional recipes, they offer both sweet and savoury crêpes, or one of each if you’re really hungry. Want to know my favourite? The salted caramel crêpe! 

Credit: Tourisme Riel


 2 – Flowers or Plants

Saint-Boniface is home to a wonderful florist, at 139 Marion Street: Norwood Florist Design Studio. Flowers are in high demand this year, but it’s not too late to treat your mom. Bouquets will be ready on Friday afternoon and available for pick up at the shop.

Credit: Kenza Zaoui


St-Léon Gardens on St Mary’s Road opened for the season last Friday, just in time for Mother’s Day. They’re open every day, which will come in handy for anyone needing to buy a last minute gift on Sunday. They have plants, flowers, cards, and all kinds of local products. 

Credit: Jardin St-Léon


3 – Chocolate

When in doubt, just buy chocolate, and Constance Popp has something for every occasion. Her Mother’s Day creations are available online, for delivery, or in-store at 180 Provencher Blvd. Cupcakes, floral inspired chocolates, products that are just as delicious as they are beautiful!  

Credit: Constance Popp


4 – Delicacies 

The opportunities for good food and treats are endless in Saint-Boniface. Promenade Café offers a vast selection of meals for pickup on Saturday or Sunday – check their website, or you can come and enjoy a delicious meal on their patio, recently opened for the season. 

Credit: Promenade Café  


La Belle Baguette is offering Mother’s Day specials in-store. Bothwell Cheese has gift baskets for sale in-store or for delivery. For the coffee-loving moms, Café Postal and the newly opened Colosimo both sell coffee, in addition to coffee makers and specialty products. 

Credit: Kenza Zaoui