PASSION & HISTOIRE BLOG – A sweet yet active Valentine’s Day

Kenza Zaoui - Translated by Thea Wortley

Valentine’s Day is this Sunday! So I’m going to share an itinerary for my idea of a perfect day. 


Weekends are the perfect time for brunch. There’s an embarrassment of riches available whether you feel like picking up or having your meal delivered: Pauline Bistro, Juneberry, Promenade Café, Stella’s au CCFM, etc. La Belle Baguette is also offering a salty and sweet brunch special this weekend, available by telephone pre-order!


After a hearty brunch, I headed outside bundled in countless layers of clothes in search of snow sculptures!

I used the Festival du Voyageur’s online map to lead the way, starting at Provencher Blvd, going all the way to Norwood. I had a lot of fun searching for sculptures, it felt like one big treasure hunt where every sculpture was even more impressive than the last! I think my favourite was the bears on Barrington in St. Vital, what’s yours?

Between sculptures, I recommend taking a break at Constance Popp. The shop will be welcoming florist In Faux Bloom whose arrangements will no doubt serve as inspiration while you shop for Valentine’s Day chocolates.


After such a nice walk, it’s time for a picture-perfect break on the river bank to watch the sunset over the Esplanade Riel.

Back at home, it’s time to eat! Valentine’s Day means a special meal, like one from the Promenade Café. On their website, the restaurant offers a Valentine’s Day dinner for two with two meal options (vegetarian or not), each including an entrée, salad course, side dish, and dessert, all oven-ready. Another option is Resto Gare whose menu offers a choice of meat or seafood, both of which are equally delicious.

And of course, what better musical accompaniment while you enjoy your meal than the Festival du Voyageur! No less than five concerts are lined up for the night of February 14th: Andrina Turenne, Gen & Tonic, FOWLER, Dr. Henry Band, and Sala. The music starts for free online at 8:00 p.m.!