PASSION & HISTOIRE BLOG – Enjoying winter in St. Boniface

Kenza Zaoui - Translated by Thea Wortley

Last weekend, I went for a walk while the snow was falling. I began on Osborne Street following the River Trail all the way to the Forks, after which I crossed the Provencher Bridge and I walked along the Red River up to Whittier Park.

I saw a lot of people on skates, on foot, on cross-country skis, on bikes with big tires. All that was missing were snowshoers! I also got to see the ice-climbing wall under construction.

Walking in Saint-Boniface

Saint-Boniface has a variety of scenic trails to choose from – for all seasons – with rivers that are never far away.

My next challenge is to follow the Old St Boniface Route that makes a loop of 8.4 km starting at the Forks. It allows you to tour all these familiar attractions: Fort Gibraltar, the House of Gabrielle Roy, the Saint-Boniface Cathedral, and the Saint-Boniface Museum. I’ve already walked the majority of this route, but never all at once. The following map can be found on the Winnipeg Trails website.

Walking may not be the most popular activity in Winnipeg, but it does allow you to rediscover your surroundings, at your own pace. It’s the perfect way to notice urban works of art, architectural details, a new café or shop you didn’t know existed and, best of all, it’s free!

La Liberté Trail is another nice walk between the city and water.


I always smile when I see the skates and hockey sticks come out each winter. More than the snow or the cold, that’s what really makes me feel like I’m in Canada! If you want to skate in Saint-Boniface, head over to the Forks or the Seine River.

This is my fifth winter in Manitoba and I’ve yet to lace up a pair of skates… I’d need some lessons and tips!

Cross-Country Skiing

If skating scares me a little bit, cross-country skiing is definitely on my bucket list of winter activities to try. The best place in Winnipeg for cross-country skiing seems to be the Windsor Park Golf Course, where skis replace golf clubs in winter. Because the equipment can seem a little overwhelming to the uninitiated, the club offers rentals (depending on the level of public health restrictions).

What about you, what are your favourite winter activities to do in Saint-Boniface?