PASSION & HISTOIRE BLOG – Local Holiday Shopping

Kenza Zaoui - Translated by Thea Wortley

Shopping locally is definitely the trend for winter 2020. We wanted to introduce four businesses well established in the community to give you some great gift ideas! 

Bothwell Cheese Shop

Christmas shopping in a cheese shop? Yes, why not! Personally, it’s a gift that I’d really love to receive but if you’re reluctant or allergic to dairy products, rest assured, you’ll still find something you like at Bothwell Cheese Shop!

The store opened at 136 Provencher Blvd in 2018, as a complement and extension to the little store in the New Bothwell factory that gives it its name, about 45 minutes south of Winnipeg.

In the store, you’ll find cheese of course, but also products reflecting the craftsmanship of more than 90 local artisans: dishes, decorations, kitchen utensils, condiments, accessories, coffee, tea, snacks, and much more.

You can shop online and pick up your order at the shop between noon and 5:30. We offer delivery on all orders over $100.

Chocolatier Constance Popp

Do I really need to introduce Constance Popp? The scents of chocolate in front of 180 Provencher give the desire to go into the shop, that has been in its current location since 2013.

It was the malleability and the diversity of chocolate as a product that led Constance Menzies to specialize in the product fourteen years ago. The products change every season, ice cream in the summer and pistachio almond paste in winter.

When I asked Constance if she had a favourite product, she told me that there was a chocolate for every opportunity, morning, afternoon, evening, summer, fall, winter. But if she had to choose just one product in her shop, it would be the chocolate cream cheese truffles, popular for almost two centuries.

You can visit the shop, limited to three customers at a time, or order online to pick up at the shop. Your purchases can also be brought right to your vehicle.

Spice World

Cooking is the new hobby of many people in 2020. And cooking without spices, that’s bland! This is where Spice World can help you.

The shop occupies 137 Marion Street and has for ten years – but the business has existed for longer, founded by the parents of Aaron Delos Santos, the current owner, who acquired the shop themselves from a friend.

Today, Spice World offers approximately 150 spices and mixes and the owner is always looking to add more. The idea is that Spice World serves as the unique shop in Winnipeg for all sorts of spices, without having to go to numerous different stores. Aaron guarantees the quality and the freshness of the spices compared to those that we’d find in a grocery store.

Aaron’s favourite product in the shop is the Peg City mix, locally made. It’s made of more than 15 ingredients and is perfect for meats and mixed vegetables. If you’re just starting out in the world of spices, Aaron recommends choosing a mixture, with the goal of figuring out the palate of spices that you prefer.

Spice World offers an online shop, curbside pickup or delivery, or in-person shopping, with a limit of two customers in the shop at a time.

La Belle Boutique Blanche

La Belle Boutique Blanche is situated inside the Saint-Boniface Museum on Taché Avenue. All of the items you’ll find inside are in conjunction with the museum’s mandate: valuing contemporary Indigenous artistic heritage, Métis and francophone artisans, and the franco-Manitoban and French-Canadian joy of life.

The Museum’s online shop is all new and new items are added each week. If you’re a regular and aren’t finding your favourite item, a quick phone call will allow you to reserve it.

The favourite product of Vania Gagnon, the museum’s general director, is on the ecological side: it’s the beeswax wraps. If you wish to learn more about the history of Manitoba and of Métis peoples, visit the museum when possible (I presented you with the 8 unmissable elements), Vania recommends that you choose a book on cooking or pearling. The Keep It Riel shirts are also popular and have just been restocked in all sizes for all ages!

Once ordered, your purchases are available for pickup by appointment at the Museum Tuesday and Friday afternoons.

Looking for other shops in Saint-Boniface and Norwood for your Christmas shopping? Consult our previous article that highlights a florist, a bookstore, and a cafe.