Kenza Zaoui - Translated by Jocelyne Fournier


“Hello everyone! My name is Kenza, and I’m a blogger for the Passion & Histoire brand. This week I’m taking you behind the scenes of a new product, resulting of a partnership between LaShoppe Brewery and Tourisme Riel.”


“Discussions around this project started last fall. The idea was to promote the Passion & Histoire place brand, while also supporting a local product from a business based in Saint-Boniface.

Marcel’s company encompasses all the values, stories, and cultural aspects that we wanted to encourage and support with this project.”


“My name is Marcel Dupas, I’m the owner and brewer of LaShoppe. I spent most of my life in Saint-Boniface, but now I live in Old Saint-Vital and am a father to two little girls.”


“And you make beer!”


“Yes, I make beer!”


“How does brewing work? I know nothing about it, what do you need to make beer?”


“You need four ingredients: water, barley, yeast, and hops.”


“What we wanted for this beer were flavours that really represented local, Manitoba ingredients. We played with the idea to add berry flavours to it, like saskatoons for example. There was a lot of back and forth, lots of different ideas…”


“Lots of tests too? And a lot of tastings?”


“Many great tests and tastings!”


“The result is a refreshing beer, made to be enjoyed on a patio during the summer. It’s pleasant, light, and can cater to many different tastes.”


“We wondered if we should call it the Passion & Histoire beer, but that’s a really long name. We wanted something short, catchy. After a lot of brainstorming, one particular name stood out: Michelle Gervais, former director of Tourisme Riel, suggested that we should name it the Jos Bleau (pronounced Jo Blo).

Jos Bleau was the very first mayor of the City of Saint-Boniface. The name Jos is typically written J/O/E, but since his name was Joseph Bleau, the short version was J/OS, then B/L/E/A/U.

So in English, pronounced ‘Jos Blaw’

That doesn’t work!

We struggled to find another name that would be interesting, but would also give a modern look to Saint-Boniface. I think a lot of people get too attached to the idea that oh Saint-Boniface is all about history, it’s what happened back in the day, but that’s not at all what we are trying to portray. We want to showcase everything that Saint-Boniface has to offer, not only its history but also how much the Francophone culture has grown and evolved, and where it is now.”


“The design choice really intrigued me. It includes all the symbolic monuments of the area: Fort Gibraltar, the Old City Hall, the Saint-Boniface Museum, the Esplanade Riel…”


“If you had to describe this beer in two words, what would they be?”


“Good on the palate and easy to drink!”